from denial to reality in three seconds

It’s been nearly six months since we left for Bali, and I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that we are back home. I pretty much go in and out the… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: purple

I stumbled upon this floral beauty along a path at the studio we were staying at in Ubud. It was growing in a small water feature, all by its lonely-self! Oh, how I… Continue reading

you don’t have to be a millionaire to be rich…believe me, i know

You know that saying, “I need to take a vacation from my vacation” ? I need one of those. It’s been less than two weeks since we’ve gotten back from our three-month hiatus… Continue reading

there is still so much that i want to share

well, i am back from my mini digital vacation…ahhhhhhhh. that was really, really, really nice. bali has given me so much in the last couple of weeks. i have been sketching in my travel… Continue reading

“Silence is a source of great strength.” – Lao Tzu

So grateful. So inspired. SO overwhelmed… I promised myself I was going to take a digital vacay over a week ago. But that never happened. I had an opportunity I just couldn’t pass… Continue reading

how i was influenced by marie forleo and the b-school community

“What exactly have you been up to, Desi?”  Well, to answer your question: I have been working my buns off, of course! Sure, Brendon and I are enjoying living the adventurous life in… Continue reading

made with love…

Brendon and I are a million miles away from home…How can we celebrate mother’s day this year? Usually, at this point in the game, you can find us elbow-to-elbow in the stationery store… Continue reading

would you visit an active volcano?

I’ve been to Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawai’i a couple of times, and it was breathtaking. Well, except for the sulfur smell. And the fact that my slippahs felt like they… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: unfocused

If anyone feels inclined to join me and other WordPress bloggers for weekly photo challenges, please do! Just follow the prompts for this week’s theme. You have until Friday share what you’ve come up with…Happy Shooting!