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One good deed deserves another, and while we are all trying to start 2011 off with a positive start, I’d like to start by giving praise to a certain group of talented artists… Continue reading

a visual life of the sartorialist

It’s amazing what we can learn from other photographers and how they influence us to look at things from a different perspective. Thanks to photographer Chase Jarvis for sharing this inspiring short documentary on… Continue reading

good morning sun…

Also known as Surfer’s Point, the name “C-Street” is derived from Ventura’s ‘California Street’, where it meets the ocean. The Ventura Pier stands solid in the background. Big Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010. Ventura,… Continue reading

I am breaking ALL of the rules (but not really, probably)

Rules are meant to be broken. Or maybe I am just too lazy to follow them. So this post has nothing to do with any related DailyPost topic thingamagigs from WordPress (or does… Continue reading

de-stress: zentangle wave

There is a lot of stress in our daily lives: Buzzing to work on time Paying the bottomless stack of bills Making rent/mortgage (or even worse, short selling the house or going through… Continue reading

three countries I’d like to visit

Actually, there are a ton of countries I’d like to visit (and can someone, please tell me, how do you save for that and plan for a family???) Some places on my bucket… Continue reading

testing, testing, 1,2,3…PostADay/PostAWeek 2011

A proposal from WordPress. Yeah, I think I’m gonna try this posting-a-day thing (or at the least, once a week). And look! I am copying and pasting, because I have a gazillion things… Continue reading

surf check

new year’s resolution tip #5: how to hang out with celebrities without totally looking like a stalker…

Just kidding (about the stalking part) and I’m not sure what happened to tips #1 through 4…I must have lost my notes somewhere. No but seriously, you can rub elbows with the big… Continue reading

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