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go to your drafts folder and finish an old post…ummm-kay

thanks for the motivation, wordpress. because i needed it. badly. i am a super lagger. (for those of you who have absolutely no clue about what i am talking about: wordpress bloggers receive daily/weekly… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: SPRING

this tree is absolutely gorgeous as its flower buds start to bloom on bare branches before the leaves appear. very eye-catching, and one of my favorite trees to incorporate into a california native… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: HOME

yes, i know, this obviously isn’t a picture of my house or where i live (good ol’ county of ventucky, california, of course). but anyone who has at one time or another lived… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: SHADOW

weekly photo challenge: ABUNDANCE

weekly photo challenge: REFUGE

describe the best road trip you’ve ever taken

The best, best, bestest road trip I’ve ever taken was during our honeymoon, of course! (The second bestest road trip would have to be any and all trips to Baja). You see, we are… Continue reading

when you need motivation, what are your fave tunes?

bob marley is an easy fix. his music makes my heart smile… …usually if i need motivation to get out of a slump, i’ll listen to sad, melancholy music…i don’t know why, but… Continue reading