what would michelangelo do?

So I spent the afternoon looking for a new sketchbook…geeeeez, do you know how hard it is to find the ‘perfect’ sketchbook for all occasions? I’ve been searching for days on end, scouring… Continue reading

“Is it true that you only become famous after you die???”

One of my 10-year-old art students recently asked a question in class the other day, “Is it true that you only become famous after you die???” To be quite honest, I wasn’t quite… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: LIGHT

the golden hour. my favorite time of day (and, of course, the day i opted to grab my camera instead of my board):

weekly photo challenge: OCEAN

goodness tea

go to your drafts folder and finish an old post…ummm-kay

thanks for the motivation, wordpress. because i needed it. badly. i am a super lagger. (for those of you who have absolutely no clue about what i am talking about: wordpress bloggers receive daily/weekly… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: SPRING

this tree is absolutely gorgeous as its flower buds start to bloom on bare branches before the leaves appear. very eye-catching, and one of my favorite trees to incorporate into a california native… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: HOME

yes, i know, this obviously isn’t a picture of my house or where i live (good ol’ county of ventucky, california, of course). but anyone who has at one time or another lived… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: SHADOW

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