inspired by national geographic

we don’t have cable. we netflix. don’t judge. i do admit, though, i do miss the occasional reality drama. people are funny and fascinating. kinda like the jersey shore crew…(i mean, WOW). but… Continue reading

misfit pictures presents: MANUFACTURING STOKE

MANUFACTURING STOKE – Official Trailer Directed by Pierce Michael Kavanagh Written by Geoffrey Smart Produced by Misfit Pictures: (Pierce Micheal Kavanagh, Petra Kavanagh, Geoffrey Smart, Maximillian Schmige) WORLD PREMIERE: Bird’s Surf Shed 1091 W.… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: ROUND

the sketchbook project world tour 2012: are you participating?

Curious minds want to know…are you participating in Arthouse Co-op’s Sketchbook Project for 2012? If so, what theme did you pick (and we should definitely connect, I would love to see your work!)… Continue reading

weekly photo challenge: ONE

weekly photo challenge: LINES

weekly photo challenge: OLD

who’s the biggest lagger? I am, I am…

…but for realzies. I am trying to catch up on the last three Weekly Photo Challenges: OLD LINES ONE And, yes, I realize (for all of you wordpressers) that these challenges are waaaaaay… Continue reading

a lovely painting quote

"A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires." Hedy Lamarr — Artist Desiree East (@DesireeEast) April 25, 2011