fun random facts about desi



:: I tend to collect the little paper fortunes from fortune cookies, and you can find them stuffed together in random places, like my wallet, the see-through pen holder that sits on my drafting table, my organizer, on the fridge — apparently, my brother does the same thing.

:: I am obsessed with cute little stationary sets, paper goods and gift wrapping.

:: I can spend hours in art supply and craft stores — to the point where I’m wondering if the people behind the security cameras might come out and ask me to leave.

:: I love that my Husband makes me laugh. Everyday.

:: Heart disease runs in my family, so I try to live each moment to the fullest.

:: My hawaiian name is ‘Konapiliahi’, which means ‘her bonding with fire’. It was given to me from my Kumu Hula (Hula Teacher), because I have a gift for bringing people together.

:: I have a list of things I would want to do if I knew I only had a short time to live…

:: ONE: Witness and experience Aurora Borealis.

:: TWO: Go to a southern church and be right in the middle of everyone belting out gospel songs.

:: THREE: See Saturday Night Live….LIVE.

:: But, because I don’t think I am leaving this beautiful planet anytime soon, I also have another bucket list that is much longer.

:: I am a list junkie, so this is right up my alley.

:: Creativity feeds my mind. Dancing replenishes my body. Surfing cleanses my soul. All three are interchangeable depending on my mood.

:: On occassion, I dream in technicolor…especially, after a good day of surf or spending time outdoors.

:: When I was little I used to pretend like I couldn’t hear anyone calling my name from the beach when it was time to get out of the water and go home. I also used to sneak into the pantry and eat C&H brown sugar by the spoonfuls.

:: On that note, I used to live in the middle of sugar cane fields.

:: When I am hiking or at the beach, I like to collect stones, beach glass and shells that are shaped like hearts.

:: I wear slippahs (flip-flops) everyday.

:: I watch National Geographic for pleasure. I also like to skim through other people’s Nat Geo photos online for inspiration — pretty awesome story-telling through photography. I highly recommend. With a glass of wine, of course.

:: That said, I’ve been the same water as a Killer Whale (in a little dingy, approx 50 yards away) and a Gray Whale mama and her calf (while surfing, approx 23-30 feet away); I have swam with Black-Tip Reef Sharks, Turtles and Manta Rays (Hawaii & Tahiti); and I see playful dolphins, curious seals and lots of beautiful sea birds on a regular basis, because of surfing. I’d like to say we’re BFF’s.

:: I’ve owned and renovated two houses with my husband….never saw THAT one coming, even me. Then the recession hit. But, that’s another story.

:: I like to dream big, because, why not? My dream is to own a Vaction Rental or two. Or three. Who’s counting?

:: I love fried rice — for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think the Balinese would make a killing if they sold T-shirts that said, “I Love Nasi Goreng.”

:: I am annoyed that (living in California) I have to pay outrageous prices for mangos and papayas.

:: Although we never had much growing up, my family always taught me the true meaning of Aloha, and I am so grateful for that. My parents are thee most generous people on earth when it comes to Love, Friendship, and of course, sharing DELICIOUS meals and celebrating life with the ones you love.

it's official we're in love. bali, indonesia. photo by desiree east