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made with love…

Brendon and I are a million miles away from home…How can we celebrate mother’s day this year? Usually, at this point in the game, you can find us elbow-to-elbow in the stationery store… Continue reading

Q&A with Choreographer Devin Fulton of ZINGDEED: a dance film

ZINGDEED: A Dance Film featuring The Pin-Down Girls Produced by Devin Fulton & Jamila Glass Director & Writer: Jamila Glass Choreographer & Creative Director: Devin Fulton Soundtrack: AWOLNATION – “Sail” & “Burn It Down” (InnerPartySystem… Continue reading

sound affects art (have you been to one of these?)

Well, it was pretty awesome. My brother invited me to an interactive art exhibition called Sound Affects Art . It was showing at the Think Tank Gallery , smack dab in the middle of the Fashion… Continue reading

and now, for a brief intermission…

An old favorite. Directed, shot and edited by Ross Harris (aka Rossangeles). Featuring his beautiful daughter, Maya Harris, as the balloonatic. This family’s got talent, yo!

a million little pictures…

my creative process for ‘a million little pictures’ project was quite simple: i’d take my daily walk on the beach. perhaps i’d find a heart pebble or beach glass. or maybe not. if… Continue reading

when you need motivation, what are your fave tunes?

bob marley is an easy fix. his music makes my heart smile… …usually if i need motivation to get out of a slump, i’ll listen to sad, melancholy music…i don’t know why, but… Continue reading

do you ever feel a sense of nostaglia when you listen to certain songs?

Mike McCarthy (of the Stoked and Broke soundtrack), Coral Latella, and Sean Cashin perform “Missing Person”. Behind the lens is independent filmmaker, Nathan Oldfield of Freefilms.  I fell in love the moment I… Continue reading

I am breaking ALL of the rules (but not really, probably)

Rules are meant to be broken. Or maybe I am just too lazy to follow them. So this post has nothing to do with any related DailyPost topic thingamagigs from WordPress (or does… Continue reading

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