A super SWEET Birthday Gift for those looking for an all-in-one online marketing platform…whaaat?

Calling all creative professionals who have been on thinking about teaching and selling info products online:

If you have been looking for a membership site to host your online courses, the lovely folks at SIMPLERO are throwing a super SWEET deal to celebrate Simplero’s 8th Bday!!

I have been hosting my creativity online courses and running my coaching practice on Simplero’s membership site since 2012 and have been a loyal client since, because this platform has EVERYTHING I need to run an online business (and I’ve even used it to register clients for in-person workshops).


Here are the details:

 THIS WEEK ONLY, you could sign up for one year of Simplero account at a steep steep discount. AND you get some super valuable bonuses, too.

There are two offers:

If you’re looking for the lowest price right now.

And another one if you want the best Simplero has to offer + the biggest discount + the best bonuses.

 OFFER 1 — lowest price today:

One year of Simplero Starter plan for ONLY $600 + 2% transaction fees. Normally you’d pay $1200 + 2% if you paid monthly. That’s a 50% discount.

Plus you get VA Square’ basic Simplero training, which teaches you all the inside tricks that the premiere Simplero virtual assistant firm uses with their clients. A $150 value.


 OFFER 2 — the best Simplero, the best savings, the best bonuses:

One year of Simplero Basic plan for JUST $750 + 1.5% transaction fees. Normally you’d pay $1800 + 2% if you paid monthly. That’s a whopping 58% discount.

Plus you get the VA Square basic Simplero training as above, normally $150.

AND you get a 45-minute video consultation with a team member of your choosing: Calvin (the founder), Merete, Candance, Deanna, or Sherrie, to help you get up and running as quickly and effortlessly as possible. GRATIS.

 This offer is ONLY valid this week, until Friday at Midnight US Eastern time.

And it’s only valid for NEW customers, that is, if you currently don’t have a Simplero account, or you have one and it’s in Trial mode, this offer is for you.

 For details on the individual plans and what’s included, visit the pricing page.

 To claim your offer: Create a new Simplero account (or go to your existing Simplero account, if you are on a TRIAL). Then go to Settings > Plan and Billing, and find the link to enter a coupon code.

 Then enter SIMPL8START for OFFER 1 (the $600 Starter plan offer), or SIMPL8BASIC for offer 2 (the $750 Basic plan offer with video consultation bonus).


This is a sweet, SWEET deal. Please, let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!! xo

To getting your creative work out into the world!