Creative Art Meditations – Virtual Retreats + Sacred Mastermind is finally here!

CONFESSION TIME: I wasn’t going to post this video of me, because the very moment I pressed record, I was not at my best…I mean, LOOK at how tired my eyes look. (Someone hand me some sliced cucumbers. Sheesh.)

But, I changed my mind, because I wanted to show you how far TOO easy it is to get burned out. On work. On life. On whatever is sucking the energy out of you.

Burn out sucks.

BUT…Here’s the thing. I also, want to share with you how EASY it could be to break away from the overwhelm.

And simply step away from the chaos and into the act of creating SACRED TIME + SACRED SPACE.

To quiet your mind and find peace in your heART.

To take a break from the left-brain commitments and TREAT YOURSELF to the gift of right-brain, present moment awareness.

To just BE.

I wish I had taken an AFTER shot after this video. Following my little meditation and doodling session on the beach. I felt like a TOTALLY different person. I felt REFRESHED, CALM, and had more SPACE in my head to think clearly.

((Ha!! Actually, I DO have an AFTER video of what I looked like immediately after meeting with one of my Divine Self-care Sister Circles thank you for working your magic, Elena Lipson. This is what it’s all about, anyway: ))

I haven’t talked about this much (and I’ve been MIA to make space for this), but I’ve been practicing the art of putting self-care on my daily list as a PRIORITY.

And it’s been life-changing.

Fortunately, I have an amazing support system (business accountability partners, mastermind groups, and self-care circles) set in place to help me in this journey of balancing the art of being a creative professional and new mother…I am EXPANDING in new ways, all directions, different levels, and there is no way I could do this alone.

This is why I decided to develop ‘Creative Art Meditations’ Virtual Retreats + Sacred Mastermind. So that I could do the same for other CREATIVES that are on the brink of burn out. To connect with my people (that would be YOU  ) and PAINT our hearts out. And connect back to the REASON WHY we CREATE the ART.

My intention is to make this process as easy as possible for us to connect, and I’m going to need your help and feedback to make this happen. So if this interests you, please click the link below and learn more:

Enjoy the (BEFORE and AFTER) videos, and please comment below if you have any questions!!

With love,

P.S. For the local peeps, I have been having a pull toward hosting ONE DAY in-person painting retreats, as well as, starting a Women’s Creativity Coaching Circle…so, if you are interested in any of that, please comment below and let me know.