Droppin’ Little Love Notes: An Invitation to Photo Quest


If you haven’t heard yet, I’m finally back from the wonderment that was maternity leave. I spent a whole year soaking up every snuggly moment I could with Baby Kirra, who just turned ONE (whaaaat?), and I am ready to dive back into the creative business world and start CREATING brilliance with YOU!!


1) Let’s Talk Video

Are you subscribed to my YouTube channel? (That still sounds so weird to me, but I’m getting used to it!).

I am hoping to create more YouTube videos this year, because it’s been so much FUN. And heck, I’ve got my camera whipped out 24/7 anyway, so why not make some super duper candid, yet valuable videos for you to enjoy?

Please click here to let me know what kind of vids you’d like to see:
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2) Invitation to Photo Quest: July 11th-17th


Speaking of cameras, I am “Celebrating the ART that is your LIFE” with a super-easy and inspiring Photo Quest that starts online July 11th. I want to invite YOU to the pARTy with me and my favorite creative tribe!

For 7 days you will receive prompts to inspire you to look at your world in a more magical way. Each day, we will all share our photos on Facebook and /or Instagram and you can qualify to WIN awesome prizes!!

The GRAND PRIZE is an individual membership to Vision Quest – a 4 month guided journey to connect with your inner artist and create the life you most desire. (This is such an awesome prize). Vision Quest is a life-changer.

You can also win copies of our brand new Super Soul Flow Adult Coloring Book, a box of Elephant Art Postcards, a set of Artual Sacred Symbol Stencil, and Whitney Freya’s book “The Artist Within – A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit”.

I have helped Whitney to create this Photo Quest and this is an invitation to look at the colors in your home, the flowers in your garden, and the scenery all around you in a totally different light.

You will learn more about the benefits of living as a Life Artist and connect to an incredible community of positive, creative souls.

Remember, it’s totally free and I will be cheering you on the whole way, so just click on this link to join our Photo Quest pARTy!!

I am so excited to share this with you–my time with Whitney and everything I have created in her programs has helped me to feel so much happier and excited about my life. I know you will love this!

Just click here to join me: Photo Quest

Now that we’ve got those things squared away…

Thank you so much for giving me a WHOLE year to spend with my new little angel. I feel truly blessed and have been settling into the role of mamahood as gracefully as possible, (yet I have secretly been itching to get back into the creative side of business, like you wouldn’t believe). I missssss you and my creative tribe of souls!!

SOOOO, here I am. Get your paint brushes (and cameras) ready!!