thoughts on being a b-school babe (how honest would you like me to be?)

So, if you haven’t heard yet, I have taken the leap into Marie Forleo’s Rich, Hot, Happy B-School…can I get holla?!! *insert booty-shake*

So that’s kinda like what it’s been like. We are into our fourth week of training, and it has been — amazing.

an eye opener.




incredibly — oh, I don’t know — incredibly LIFE CHANGING. I’m having a hard time finding a word to describe the fabulous-ness of Marie, her team, and the supportive community of fellow B-schoolers.

desiree east is a b-school babe. marie forleo by eric michael pearson photography

credit: Michael Pearson Photography

I see things so differently, now. Marie takes no B.S., and teaches you to do the same; on how to be a business woman who cuts to the chase, focuses on the results, while making a difference in people’s lives and keeping your integrity and honesty in the game, while also using your intuition, gut, and inner wisdom — to be as successful as you can be, while reaching your full potential so that you can better serve others.

If there is one thing I know for sure, is that I am exhausted. I have been busting my tush off, amidst moving back to the little, cozy beach house that we lived in, before we left for Bali. So, that explains why I have been MIA for the last few weeks on this little blog, here. That, and spring is officially here, so that means I am full steam ahead with design work, art projects and new coaching gigs. Yaaay. (But crazy at the same time — booked a month out, and trying my best not to get too brain-fried!)

This is where the work-life balance comes into play. I have been trying my best to stay focused with B-School, so much, that I am practically obsessed with learning and implementing the material. BUT, Marie has been wonderful at giving all of us fellow B-School Babes loving reminders of being gentle with ourselves and taking the time out for a little R & R and self-care. This is why I love her so much, and how can I say ‘No’ to that?

So, with that in mind, I have been treating myself to weekly Zumba classes and dance classes. Quickies, to shake the edge off, if you will. And on the weekends, I try my best to focus on a few hours of art making and a little creative play. Yes, my house is still in shambles, with boxes stacked in corners, but little, by little I have been settling back into a groove.

There is still a TON I could share about B-School and the incredibly intelligent, smart, and beautiful community of B-School Babes (and dudes!). People from all walks of life…artists, chefs, nutritionists, brick-and-mortar retailers, non-profits, health coaches, fitness coaches – you name it. The most exciting part for me is meeting fellow artists, retreat planners, creative coaches, and other surfer girls!! SO fun. Oh, AND other Desire Mappers (via Danielle LaPorte), as well as, LKR peeps (via Laura Roeder, of Creating Fame).

Amazing, amazing.

So anyway, enough about me.

This is about you. How can I be of service to you? By now, you know who I am and what I love to do. What would you like to learn from me?

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