Why did you become a blogger? I know why I did. And I’m hooked.

Why did you become a blogger? I know why I did. And I’m hooked.

Artist Desiree East

This here, is my very first blog post. December 1st, 2010 just seemed like a well-rounded place in time to start my creative journey, in art and in life.

I have been yearning – YEARNING for months on end, I tell ya – for a creative outlet to share with others. Nothing too formal. It’s more for personal growth as an artist and a freelance creative. It’s just that, lately, I’ve had an enormous amount of creative energy bundled up inside of me, and it just simply needs to be -oh, I don’t know – unleashed and nurtured…embraced and sustained. And in the process, I’d like to inspire others to nurture their creativity as well, and encourage them to pass the goodness along to the next person.

The source of this creative energy is different for everyone, whether it comes from their mind, heart, or soul, and the source of…

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