from denial to reality in three seconds

moonlit balinese night. ubud, bali, indonesia. photo by desiree east

playing with long exposures. a moonlit balinese night

long exposure self-portrait. ubud, bali. photo by desiree east

self-portrait. ubud, bali.

It’s been nearly six months since we left for Bali, and I still haven’t wrapped my head around the fact that we are back home. I pretty much go in and out the state of denial. So if you ever bump into me, and I look like I have my head in the clouds…please forgive me. Just hand me a glass of wine, and I’ll snap back into reality.

It feels great to be back, no doubt about that. Bit by bit, we’ve been reuniting with our family and friends (I love you guys), and now that we live smack in the middle of downtown Ventura, we’ve also been bumping into people we haven’t seen in ages…no seriously — AGES.

As in, “Whaaat, your son is starting Middle School??? Are you on Facebook?” 

Every moment has been a pleasant surprise, and we still have yet to connect with of our other fave peeps (Love you guys, too! You know we didn’t forget about you…)

The thing is, I barely (today, actually) unpacked my last suitcase — not out of sheer laziness, mind you, but because I have been hustling my toosh off to get things done.

Planning. Prioritizing. Cleaning. Painting.


(Yep, that’s what I said. Call me anal).

i heart this antique door knob. ventura, california. photo by desiree east

i heart this antique door knob

Throwing in new carpet, slapping fresh paint on the walls. You should have seen this place before we moved in…Can you say crack den? Now it’s fresh and clean and ready to go.

We had an opportunity to move back into the lovely little beach bungalow on Hollywood Beach, but decided to pass, because this time, our hearts longed for good ol’ Ventura.

So here we are, in a little, late-1800’s Victorian. It’s cute. It’s small. It’s got character. It’s got just what we need to live simply, and the location couldn’t be better — everything is a short walk or bike-ride away.

That’s it folks. We are settling in, and it’s back to business as usual, along with some new projects in the horizon.

I don’t know what was more of a whirlwind: preparing for our trip before we left; flying by the seat of our pants during our adventure abroad; or attempting  to settle back into a daily routine amidst the chaos of moving and running a business.

All I know, is that I am already itching for the next trip…donde??? Only time will tell…

seafood dinner on the beach. jimbaran, bali. photo by desiree east

good-bye seafood dinner on the beach. jimbaran, bali.

mrs. olson's breakfast spot. hollywood beach, california. photo by desiree east

Mrs. O’s…now that we are home, we promise to come visit for a meal or two.

epic view of anacapa island. hollywood beach, california. photo by desiree east

…perfect view of anacapa island, not to mention empty peaks…

my new design/art studio...yay, lots of natural light! ventura, california. photo by desiree east

new home, new chapter, new studio space…where the magic happens

bright, beautiful gerbera daisies. birthday flowers from the hubby. photo by desiree east

bright, beautiful birthday flowers from the hubby

california street bridge train tracks. ventura, california. photo by desiree east

this makes my heart happy…a short walk or bike ride to c-street

birthday fireworks at the fairgrounds. ventura county fairgrounds. photo by desiree east

birthday fireworks at the fairgrounds

epic glassy day. desiree east. ventura, california. photo by brendon east

home sweet home

desiree east. rincon, california. photo by brendon east