go to your drafts folder and finish an old post…ummm-kay

thanks for the motivation, wordpress. because i needed it. badly. i am a super lagger. (for those of you who have absolutely no clue about what i am talking about: wordpress bloggers receive daily/weekly prompts as an inspiration for writing, especially if we happen to get stuck). well, i’m stuck. kind of.

i have been behind on my blogging. why?

lagger. photo by desiree east

lagger: one who is always behind time (that's me)

because of work. school. time. deadlines. mini-trips. making silly short skits with goofy friends that i’m not supposed to show to anyone (a.k.a. blackmail material). art projects. dance projects. taking care of my husband and puppymonster. life. (uuuummm what other excuse can i possibly come up with?)

oh yeah, i’ve been cooking. a lot. so that takes up most of my spare time. you know, the prepping and all…we’ve been juicing more, too. it cancels out the beer.

sooooooooo…here’s the deal: i did a 2 for 1 and updated the last two weekly photo challenges: HOME and SPRING.

other than that, i’ve got nothing…except for the other stuff that i have been busy with. maybe i’ll post pictures of that one day. in fact, i will. soon, hopefully.

and maybe i’ll even stop this not-capitalizing-my-sentences business. lucky you!