when you need motivation, what are your fave tunes?

bob marley is an easy fix. his music makes my heart smile…

…usually if i need motivation to get out of a slump, i’ll listen to sad, melancholy music…i don’t know why, but somehow it works out. but, the more i think of it, i guess it really depends on what kind of mood i am in, and of course, what kind of mood i need to be transformed into in order to complete the task at hand. usually what works the best is music that i know very well that i can belt out (with no one around, of course). it may be something as simple as folksy-time happy, hippy music, like “home” from edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. or maybe even a little old-school punk, like fugazi’s “waiting room”…or even (the extreme opposite), some hard-core gangsta rap (that’s right, dr. dre, anyone?). seriously. it’s funny i’ve got different playlists for different situations on my itunes.

design motivator
road trip music
mellow mix
background bbq
acoustic mix
cleaning house mix (not really, just kidding…but i should have one)
etc, etc…the list goes on.

from blues-y, jazzy, sultry tunes that quench your soul to hard-core rock to survive road rage on the 101 fwy – boooyah! – i’ve got it covered…and you? what fave tunes do you like to listen to motivate? is music a significant influential factor for your creativity?