a visual life of the sartorialist

It’s amazing what we can learn from other photographers and how they influence us to look at things from a different perspective. Thanks to photographer Chase Jarvis for sharing this inspiring short documentary on Scott Schumann of The Sartorialist.

I’ve come across so many perfect, random ‘moments’ when I am out and about, camera in hand, and I see people from all walks of life, doing their everyday thing. That perfect moment is visually stunning for some reason or another: the available light is just right, the composition and lines are strong, and the subject is usually doing something that just moves me emotionally.

And I think to myself, “What a beautiful moment…” or “Wow, that would be a cool shot…” or “He/She is an interesting character, I’d love to get them on film…”

But…being as shy as I am, I don’t always get those marvelous shots. Why? Rejection? Liability?

It’s kind of ironic, that as a teacher, I have no problem standing in front of an entire class of students. I lead them through lessons and activities, and answer questions (that I don’t always have the answer to). And as a designer, I have no problem meeting clients for the first time. Inspiring them and sparking ‘thousand-dollar’ creative ideas for their beautiful homes is like second nature to me. But when it comes to snapping a simple photo of a stranger, I freeze up. So what gives? Is the element of the unknown?

I hope that as I grow as a photographer, I can learn how to overcome these little hurdles. It’ll take some time, and a little more effort than just using my telephoto lens to get that great shot. (And yes, I will be sure to have model/release forms handy in my hot little hands).

So how do you do you do it? Any photographers out there have any simple tips they can share?