three countries I’d like to visit

Actually, there are a ton of countries I’d like to visit (and can someone, please tell me, how do you save for that and plan for a family???) Some places on my bucket list include Chile, Peru, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece – Yeah, I realize, at this point, I’m talking out of my ass – Oh, and maybe even Morocco because (obviously) the surf there is supposed to be insane. Plus, if I can get the same deal that Carrie Bradshaw scored on these comfy-domfy, moroccan slippers, well shoots, I’m there!

moroccann babouches. photo by Ralph Ledergerber

moroccan babouches. photo by Ralph Ledergerber.

Okay, because we all know I’m not a billionaire, here are three countries that are on my list of places to visit in the hopefully-maybe, very near future and the reasons why. (Yeah, I know, New Zealand and Japan are expensive as hell, so if anyone has any helpful tips they have to make it more affordable, please feel free to share).



surf · rich, colorful culture, sacred sites and temples · alluring beauty

bali, indonesia. photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

bali, indonesia. photo by Jean-Marie Hullot



surf · toro nagashi / bon festival (japanese lantern festival) · famed japanese gardens

toro nagasaki. photo by ikuman



surf · it’s like a giant big sur on steroids, and then some

banks peninsula, new zealand. photo by Froots

banks peninsula, new zealand. photo by Froots.

Where would you go? And if any of you have any surf / travel tips to share with me or other posters, please spread the love…xoxoxo